Heather Allen Thompson


Heather Allen Thompson is a DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). With 47 years experience in addiction treatment, clients can be assured she is thorough and efficient in DOT Compliance policies without sacrificing safety.

In private practice, Heather has conducted evaluations, worked in treatment centers, and conducted offender education programs for adults and adolescents. Her private practice includes Substance abuse assesments for DOT, return to duty, court related, and private.

Heather has an extensive network of education and treatment providers with whom she refers those needing additional services. Her experience has earned her recognition by former first lady, Nancy Reagan.

Ms. Thompson understands how substance abuse and dependency can negatively affect individuals, families, companies, and ultimately, the safety of the general public.

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification
  • National Certified Addiction Counselor, level II
  • DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

"Global Technical Services has been referring employees for SAP Services for the past several years. Referring employees to Heather Allen Thompson has made the SAP Return-to Duty Process much easier for our company!

She guides you through the entire Return-to-Duty process to make sure your company is compliant with DOT regulations. Compliance is a “must” for our company, as we are regulated by the Department of Transportation. In recent Federal Audits which our company received, Ms. Thompson’s paperwork has always been complete and within Federal Regulations.

I strongly recommend Heather Allen Thompson’s SAP Services to any company that is regulated by the Department of Transportation."
Keith Meisinger
Drug Abatement Program Manager
Global Technical Services, Inc.

“Heather Thompson’s complete understanding of DOT regulations has sincerely helped our clients and their specific needs in a timely manner. Her professionalism accompanied with her ethical principles has made it a genuine pleasure to refer her services to our clients.”
Allison Rubinstein | Department Manager
Complience Associates LP dba CMI
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