Services Overview

Abuse Professionals of Texas provides therapeutic consultation services for matters related to substance abuse, DOT/SAP services, non-DOT work related evaluations, and out of state DWI assessments.
Services List

  • DOT/SAP services
  • NON DOT/EAP services
  • Out of State DWI assessments


Private practice limited to issues associated with Substance Use Disorders

We provide confidential assessment, case management, and referral services in our San Antonio and Boerne offices. Services include out of state DWI requirements and Return to Duty SAP assessment/case management for DOT and NOT-DOT cases. All Services Provided are Confidential and Follow Federal, State, and School District Laws.

DOT Services

Substance Abuse Professionals of Texas is delighted to be able to provide state and nationally certified Counselor and Compliance services for Department of Transportation Employees.

DOT regulations affect drug and alcohol testing of applicants/employees with the following agencies:


Employers who refer employees with a DOT violation to us for SAP Services will remain in DOT compliance.

We perform the following types of DOT Substance Abuse Services:

In-Person drug and alcohol assessment
Case-management & monitoring
Follow-up testing schedule
Compliance interview

Education and treatment service provider’s charges are separate.
SAPTX does not accept insurance.

Call or email Heather Allen Thompson for an appointment. Appointments can usually be set within 24 to 48 hours of the employee’s initial call.
Substance Abuse Professionals of Texas           Heather Allen Thompson (210) 846-1819